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Message from Managing Director, GLOBIS Asia Pacific / GLOBIS THAILAND

GLOBIS delivers a new value propelling the society in a positive direction through passionate leaders that innovate societies. We produce leaders with a personal mission and entrepreneurs who are driven and bold in leading a change. GLOBIS fosters a network which serves as an engine for growth of its members, and supports the development of the personal mission and skill acquisition of its students.

In Asia, with the rapid economic growth, more individuals are expected to become global leaders. That is why we set up GLOBIS China in February 2012 and GLOBIS Singapore in August 2012. This way we can localize and contribute to the successful execution of our client’s strategic initiatives in Asia.

GLOBIS coordinates activities in Japan, China and Southeast Asia by providing training in different languages and offering solutions for strategic planning in Asia. We are committed to propelling strategic movements that impact global changes. In this manner we have evolved and changed our organization’s name to GLOBIS Asia Pacific. We look forward to developing countless leaders and together with our clients, we commit to adding value to Asia’s business.

Toru Takahashi・Managing Director, GLOBIS Asia Pacific / GLOBIS THAILAND

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Sophia University, Mr. Takahashi was employed by Marubeni Corporation, where he was primarily involved in overseas business development. During his career at Marubeni, he participated in infrastructure development projects in the Middle East. He also engaged in a wide range of business activities in Brussels, including management support, the development of logistics, and financing for business partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In March 2011, he became the head of GLOBIS Corporate Education, and later began overseeing business development activities in the ASEAN region. As the head of GLOBIS Corporate Education, he is in charge of human resource / organizational development projects for corporate clients in the service, high-technology, electronics, telecommunications and IT sectors. Mr. Takahashi also delivers lectures on Leadership, Strategy, and Critical Thinking at GLOBIS Management School. He is a popular speaker at corporate training seminars.

As the Managing Director of GLOBIS Singapore, Mr. Takahashi has supervised many projects in both Singapore and Thailand. He was appointed to lead the overseas operations in Asia Pacific as of October 2013.

Message from CEO, GLOBIS

Since our founding in 1992, GLOBIS has helped develop corporate organizations and human resources through a variety of services including: corporate training for more than 2,000 companies; individual business education for over 70,000 students; and an open-enrollment MBA program, the largest*1 and highest ranked*2 business school in Japan with Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai campuses.

With Asia being one of the world`s fastest growing economic regions, an increasing number of our corporate clients have asked us to support their human resource development needs across Asia. By combining our knowledge based on research and a thriving MBA school together with the practical solution focused approaches we have developed in the field of corporate education and training, GLOBIS is well placed to meet these client needs. GLOBIS Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd. has recently been established to provide such front line services and demonstrates our commitment to support fully the future growth of leading companies in Asia.

*1 by graduate program capacity (GLOBIS research)
*2 ‘Nikkei Career Magazine’ 2008 & 2009 Student Satisfaction Ratings



GLOBIS Asia Pacific

[Company Name] GLOBIS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
[Date of Foundation] August 1, 2012
[Office Location] 80 Raffles Place, UOB Plaza 1 #35-17,
Singapore 048624
[President] Toru Takahashi
[Tel] +65-6248-4585
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[Office hours] Mon-Fri 9:30 – 18:00


[Office Location] M Thai Tower, All Seasons Place 23Fl.,
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[President] Toru Takahashi
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