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GLOBIS Intensive Program in Singapore / インテンシブ・プログラム 
Essentials of Strategy, Marketing, Accounting

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(Japanese Description Follows: 英語に続いて日本語の説明があります。)
Essentials of Strategy, Marketing,
Accounting Program

Basic Management Knowledge Required by Middle Managers
■ A program that enables managers and general managers to effectively and efficiently learn the big picture of management needed in their roles
■ Middle managers have to see not only at department level but also by understanding the whole picture of its company business. In this program, participants will develop a company-wide perspective by learning all key management areas.
This program is conducted in English and targeted at managers and general managers who:
● want to effectively learn the overall picture and basic frameworks of management
● are expected to make decisions not only for their own work but from a company-wide perspective
● wish to broaden their perspective through discussions of issues and ideas they might not usually notice with people from other companies and industries
*Will be held in Singapore. Please refer to the below details for more information. 
 **GLOBIS may cancel the program due to insufficient registrations.

■ マネジャー・ジェネラルマネジャーとして活躍するために必要な「経営の全体像」を効果的かつ効率的に学ぶプログラムです
■ ミドル・マネジメントには、所属部署レベルの視点にとどまらず、ビジネスの定石を理解したうえで自社全体を見つめ直すことが求められます。経営の各領域を体系的に学ぶことで、全社的視点を養っていきます

■■How to Apply/お申込み方法
Please kindly note that the registration for this program has been closed.
Participants will receive an invoice by email after application is closed on the deadline date.  Please pay by the due date.
-Participants are required to prepare well in advance. This includes reading the materials and submitting a pre-assignment. Instructions for downloading and preparation will be sent on 08 January 2019 to the email address registered in the online application.
-Please make sure to check your email and download the materials in 2 weeks before the program.
Contact Us
GLOBIS Asia Campus
TEL:+65 6911 6649

When 28 January 2019 (Mon) - 30 January 2019 (Wed)
09:30 - 16:30
Where National Library 3rd FL. Function Room
Registration Fee 2500 SGD (Excluding GST)
Target For Managers and General Managers
Language English
Capacity 20
Speakers Toru Takahashi
Deadline 14 January 2019


Toru Takahashi
SEP, Stanford University
BSc in Economics, Sophia University

After graduating from Sophia University, Mr. Takahashi was employed by Marubeni Corporation, where he was primarily involved in overseas business development. During his career at Marubeni, he engaged in a wide range of business activities in Iran and Belgium, including management support, development of logistics, and financing for business partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
At GLOBIS, he is leading the regional business in human resource development and organizational change as the Managing Director of GLOBIS Global Education. Mr. Takahashi also delivers lectures on topics such as global perspectives, leadership, strategy and corporate philosophy.
Tomoko Katsurayama
MBA and MSA (Master of Sports Administration), Ohio University
BA in Human Development, Nagoya University

In her previous roles with a sporting-goods company and the sporting-goods division of an online retail company, Ms. Katsurayama was engaged in sales, strategic planning, merchandising, and marketing. She then moved to a foreign-affiliated consulting company, specializing in start-up business planning for the retail industry.

At GLOBIS, Ms. Katsurayama is leading the business in ASEAN countries as the Director of GLOBIS Asia Campus and GLOBIS Thailand. She also teaches strategy and marketing sessions in both English and Japanese