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(Japanese Description Follows: 英語に続いて日本語の説明があります。)
Critical Thinking & Leadership


Strengthening strategic thinking and leader-mindset

GLOBIS Critical Thinking & Leadership aims to refine strategic thinking and communication skills which are fundamental ability required by every business person. On top of that, participants will deepen their understanding on effective leadership in practice.
Key Learning Points:
● Learn to think more broadly and ambitiously
● Enhance Strategical thinking and Effective communication skills
● Understand the expectation for autonomous managers/leaders.
● Broaden your perspectives through discussions with participants from various companies and industries.

Who should attend:
This program is extremely relevant to middle managers who wish to master the strategic way of communication or problem-solving, and to develop an effective leadership on top of that.
Besides individual applications, participants are also encouraged to attend with colleagues (ideally not more than 4 people) so to share and gain more insights within the organisation.

More Details are:

*Will be held in Singapore. Please refer to the below details for more information. 


本プログラムは、日本での人気講座「グロービス クリティカルシンキング」を現地リーダーの方や駐在員の皆様に学んでいただくプログラムです。ビジネスパーソンとして必要な論理思考や効果的コミュニケーション能力を磨きリーダーとしての自覚をもった行動がとれるようになることを目指しています。組織内での「共通言語」の醸成にも効果的です。
■How to Apply:
To register, please complete the online application at the bottom of this page.
Application deadline is 05 July 2019, Friday. However, please try to apply as earliest possible since we will send out the Pre-Study-Guide for this program 3 weeks beofre the Program. 
●Cancellation policy is stated in "Terms & Conditions" when you register. Please make sure to read it carefully before confirming your application.
●Please kindly note that the program may be cancelled if minimum registration number is not met.
Please pay by the due date indicated on the invoice sent to you after registration.
-Participants are required to prepare well in advance. This includes reading the materials and submitting a pre-assignment. Instructions for downloading and preparation will be sent 3 weeks beofre the Program. 
-Please make sure to check your email and download the materials as soon as possible. 
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Contact Us
GLOBIS Asia Campus
TEL:+65 6305 4140

Tomoko Katsurayama
GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd.President,
MBA and MSA (Master of Sports Administration), Ohio University
BA in Human Development, Nagoya University

In her previous roles with a sporting-goods company and the sporting-goods division of an online retail company, Ms. Katsurayama was engaged in sales, strategic planning, merchandising, and marketing. She then moved to a foreign-affiliated consulting company, specializing in start-up business planning for the retail industry.

At GLOBIS, Ms. Katsurayama is leading the business in ASEAN countries as the President of GLOBIS Asia Campus and GLOBIS Thailand. She also teaches strategy and marketing sessions in both English and Japanese

    When 23 July 2019 (Tue) - 25 July 2019 (Thu)
    09:30 - 16:30 (Lunch time is included. Lunch will not be provided.)
    Where National Library 3rd FL. Function Room
    Registration Fee 2500 SGD (Excluding GST) / pax
    Target For Managers and General Managers
    Language English
    Capacity 25
    Speakers Tomoko Katsurayama
    Deadline 05 July 2019
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