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Essentials of Strategy, Marketing & Accounting

Mastering essential management knowledge required for middle managers

GLOBIS Essentials of Strategy, Marketing & Accounting offers the key frameworks and essential perspectives of management, which are necessary for daily business decision-making.
Key Learning Points:
● Understand the overall picture and basic frameworks of business management necessary for all managers
● Learn to make decisions not only for division-level but from a company-wide perspective
● Broaden your perspectives through discussions with participants from various companies and industries.

Who should attend:
This program is extremely relevant to middle managers who wish to sharpen their mangement skills, broaden their perspectives and effectively apply basic frameworks while making business decisions.

Besides individual applications, participants are also encouraged to attend with colleagues (ideally not more than 4 people) so to share and gain more insights within the organisation.

More Details are: 

*Will be held in Singapore. Please refer to the below details for more information. 



■How to Apply:
To register, please complete the online application at the bottom of this page.
Application deadline is 07 August 2019, Wednesday. However, please try to apply as earliest possible since we will send out the Pre-Study-Guide for this program 3 weeks before the program.  
●Cancellation policy is stated in "Terms & Conditions" when you register. Please make sure to read it carefully before confirming your application.
●Please kindly note that the program may be cancelled by GLOBIS if minimum registration number is not met.
Please pay by the due date indicated on the invoice sent to you after registration.
-Participants are required to prepare well in advance. This includes reading the materials and submitting a pre-assignment. Instructions for downloading and preparation will be sent 3 weeks before the program.
-Please make sure to check your email and download the materials as soon as possible.

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