Developing Visionary Asian Leaders

GLOBAL Leadership Program

GLOBIS GLOBAL Leadership Program was established to support client companies with human resource development as an enabler of globalization. Our mission is to develop people who are capable of playing an active role in Asia as well as the rest of the world.
We achieve this through collaboration across our network in Japan, Singapore and Thailand, choosing to locate our regional headquarters in Singapore, a country at the Asian forefront of global human resource development.
What we offer
  • 1A Global Leadership Training Program that nurtures people commited to a Personal Mission,
    in global and regional development
  • 2Practical knowledge delivered by teaching faculty with real business experience
    in Asia and other regions
  • 3Solutions that take full advantage of the synergies of our network of Japan and overseas offices
Our Programs

We conduct a wide range of training programs for future senior management, future leaders and current managers.
The following examples are typical themes. We customize and offer programs based on your business challenges.

    • Dissemination of corporate
    • Kokorozashi* development
    • Logical thinking
    • Marketing / Strategy
    • Accounting / Finance
    • Facilitation / Negotiation
    • Cross-cultural communication
    • Global strategy
    • Global perspectives
    • Human resource management
    • Leadership behavior
    • Leadership development
    • Leadership for change
    • Leadership and organizational
    • Technovate
      (Technology + Innovation)
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Organizational Innovation
    • Business strategy planning
    • New business creation
    • Organizational change
  • Participants
    Regional Leaders/Nomination Based/15 people
  • Place
    In ASEAN
  • Module
    Multi Module

Future executive directors of Asia overseas branches came to the Venue and took part in sessions to understand their company’s DNA, to acquire basic business management theories, and to suggest future business models for their company.
This training program was also effective in enabling participants to build new internal networks across Asia.

  • Participants
    National Leaders/Position Based/50 people
  • Place
    In Malaysia
  • Module
    Multi Module

Malaysian branch managers took part in a series of 2-3-day sessions on building the basic viewpoint for business management.
In the final session, participants proposed ideas to the senior management for operational development and market development. This was a highly valuable discussion for the company.

  • Participants
    Global Leaders/Nomination Based/25 people
  • Place
    In Japan
  • Module
    Single Module

Top executive trainees at general manager level from all over the world (including Japan) gathered in Japan for a week–long session. Participants familiarized themselves with the logic of their company’s business model and the full history of the company. The training motivated the participants to develop themselves by talking about the future they were going to build and about their own personal development stories.

  • Participants
    National Leaders/Position Based/50 people
  • Place
    In Indonesia
  • Module
    Single Module

Managers of overseas branches took part in a 2-day session aimed at immersing the participants in the corporate philosophy, mission and the company DNA.
Participants also learned the company’s strategy. This was a good opportunity to motivate local managers, who support the development of each overseas branch, to understand their company’s DNA and strategy.

  • Participants
    National Leaders/Nomination Based/15 people
  • Place
    In Singapore & Thailand
  • Module
    Multi Module

Middle and senior managers of local Singapore and Thai companies which developed their business in an environment very different to Japan took part in a session to learn how to analyze changes in the external business environment and how to build a business model. They worked on an action learning task as well as applying what they learned to their current work, inspiring many to create new business models.

  • Participants
    Global Leaders/Nomination Based/25 people
  • Place
    In Japan & Asia
  • Module
    Multi Module

Middle and senior managers from Japan and the rest of the world took part in sessions for 2 weeks in total. They deepened their understanding of global strategy theory and suggested strategic themes for their company to the top management. The program was conducted not only in Japan but in other parts of Asia, which enabled participants to feel the speed of global business on site.